Business Area: Targeted customization

Peter Miller

Branded Panama Hatters Hats

Our hats are customized on demand for both Business and Private Customers directly from our factories in Ecuador and coming soon our factories in Milan – Italy.

We always guarantee the quality of our hats with an individual history label, a maintenance manual and decorative materials.

We make our hats just how you like them: just choose a model from our catalog and select your preferences, we will do the rest.

Everything about our hats can be customized: the color of the material and the hatband or ribbon; logos, emblems and writing can be embroidered or applied; we can even embellish them with unique ornaments hand painted by our craftsmen.

They can also be packaged in a prestigious wooden box bearing your business logo or your name or the name of a special event.


It is possible for a part of the Hotel to create a PRIVATE LABEL line of propise and propose to customers the following:

  • Direct Selling to Customers Using Your Slides (Great Business And Marketing).
  • Luxury Promotion: Lace the selected customers a gift all within their room, your Panama Hat branded with the name of your Hotel / Chain

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