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How to request a refund

You can make your return within 30 days from the delivery date and receive a full refund.

  • Log onto your account and click on “My orders” to complete your Return procedure. Click on the “Please Return” button next to your order number and follow the instructions until your return is correctly registered;
  • Print the Return Form, circle the “Refund” option, and place the form inside the package;

Send your return to Gamma Elettronica Srl.

Refund amount

The administrative costs for the refund shall be borne by the store. On the other hand, all product shipment costs shall be borne by the customer, whether shipped by courier or postal service. You will then be fully refunded the value of the returned products.

Refund methods

The online shop is EU based; as a result, all transactions are converted into Euro after payment has been made by the customer, including those made with foreign currency. For payments in currencies other than Euro, Gamma Elettronica Srl shall still return the amount in Euro based on the exchange rate on the day when the refund is made. The risks arising from the exchange rate are therefore borne by the customer.

WARNING: returned products that were paid by bank transfer shall be refunded by bank transfer. In order for us to send you your refund, you will need to put your bank details directly in the Return Form.

What to do if you have an issue with the product you received

If you have a problem with your product, please contact our Customer Service; we will provide you with an appropriate solution.

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