The PANAMA hats: Democrats, Ecosystems and Ecosystems

lavorazione manuale delle fibre di palma

Panama Hatters is a company that focuses on “Eco-social and Eco-sustainable” projects with recycling and craftsmanship as the main factors. The leaves left over from the manufacturing of our Panama hats are regenerated to create unique accessories like our “flip-flops”. This is only one example of how we work and what our philosophy is. We work shoulder to shoulder with local craftsmen who weave Panama hats (in Ecuador) supporting them by buying some of their production at a fixed price, regardless of the hat model.

It is essential to emphasize that Panama Hatters is collaborating and helping with their sales to lay the foundations for a new commercial project in Simon Bolivar’s region, thanks to which we can proudly say that we are contributing to the country’s economic recovery. With the Hippie Panama hat model, we have been working since 2000 on a “special” project to facilitate the manufacture of Panama hats on the peninsula of Santa Elena, south western Ecuador. We have been helping about 350 men and women in 15 villages who produce hats for our Partners and our Company.

Through the sale of our items worldwide, we help and increase employment in the rural area on the west coast of Ecuador, keeping alive the creativity of our Italian artisans and artists thanks to our personalized and hand painted “Best Friend” and “Football Club” Panama hat lines.

artigiani che lavorano le fibre di palma

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